teta changelogs


teta Changelogs

VER 1.2 – (28.11.2021)

1. Fixed: wishlist issue in product cards
2. Fixed: popup newsletter issue
3. Fixed: replace .help urls with .co/support

VER 1.1.4  – (21.11.2021)

1. IMPROVED: Woocommerce 5.9 compatibility check
2. PERFORMANCE: Add option to Disable Emoji Scripts
3. PERFORMANCE: Add option to Disable Disable Gutenberg Styles
4. PERFORMANCE: Add option to Disable Yith Dependent Scripts
5. PERFORMANCE: Add option to Disable Elementor Font Awesome
6. Fixed: Custom fonts issue on Elementor pro
7. Fixed: Countdown timer shows when sale date not arrived yet

VER 1.1.3 – (25.10.2021)

1. PERFORMANCE: Add option to select google font display type
2. PERFORMANCE: Add page metabox to load the custom page for mobile
3. PERFORMANCE: Improve banner code to include srcset in images

VER 1.1.2 – (10.18.2021)

ADDED: RTL demo Dummy data
Fixed: undefined variable php notice
Fixed: Widgetized footer fullscreen issue

05/10/2021 – Version 1.1.1

FIXED: Product carousel columns in tablet
FIXED: RTL css issues in responsive devices

01/10/2021 – Version 1.1

ADDED: New Demo – RTL – https://teta.kitestudio.co/rtl
ADDED: New Demo – Electronics – https://teta.kitestudio.co/electronics/
THEME SETTINGS: Add fullwidth/container layout option
PERFORMANCE: page load not wait for All JS file load
IMPROVED: change width of variation dropdown to fit all contents
FIXED: Buy now button issue fixed for simple products
FIXED: Prevent jump while stretching the sections
FIXED: Double click issue on some product cards

02/09/2021 – Version 1.0