My license is not activating, what can I do?

There are a couple of things to check if you can’t activate your purchased license.

1 – You can’t make a connection to our servers

Please look for, that our servers and IP addresses are not blocked by a firewall or security plugin on your server. For this, please contact your host provider and make sure this is not the case for you.

Please contact your host provider and ask them to whitelist the following addresses:    

2 – Your license is already active on another website

please notice that if your license is already active on another domain or a previous WordPress website, you can’t activate it on your new domain. First, it must be deactivated from there.

How to do this?

Right now, your only option is to contact us. We will check your situation and respond to your request. That being said, we are preparing an easy-to-use tool for you, so that you can handle this process form Pinkmart dashboard yourself. It will be available in future updates.

3 – Your server PHP is lower than the minimum required version

If your license is not active on any domain, then the next thing you need to look for is your server PHP version. Pinkmart theme and its plugins need PHP version 5.6 or higher to function properly. If your PHP version is lower than 5.6 then license activation process will fail.

As always, we recommend that you use the latest version of PHP ( 7+ ) for better performance. Pinkmart is fully compatible with the latest version and you will get the best results with upgrading your PHP to the latest version.

4 – You have a “Mixed Content” issue

In some cases, there is a Mixed Content issue on your website which is related to the SSL certificate. Generally, you need to contact your host provider to fix this issue but most of the times, installing an HTTPS related plugin will fix it.

Most popular plugin for this problem is Really Simple SSL. It requires very little configuration and usually, you can set it up after a few clicks

5- please make sure that CURL is enabled on your server.

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