Speed Up WordPress Sites – Page analyseJune 29, 2022

To speed up your WordPress websites there are a lot of things that you have to pay attention to them like server configuration and specification, CDN , theme and plugins you are using. In this article we want to focus on finding unnecessary assets and improving them.

Theme assets

The most part of having a high-speed website is to choose a WordPress theme wisely. You have to know what features you want and make a range of theme selections for yourself.

Then you should select one of the themes which offer you better performance options. A good theme loads JS and CSS assets when required not all the time. Most of the available themes on the WordPress repository and other markets do not have these features. We on the kitestudio team developed Pinkmart and teta theme to load assets when they are required not all the time.

So selecting a good theme is very important because you couldn’t remove the unnecessary assets load on your pages if the theme doesn’t do it for you.

some of performance options in kitestudio themes

Plugin assets

Plugins are tools made by many people and companies in the WordPress community to add extra features to WordPress. Every plugin that you install on your website has its own assets.

WordPress has its own guidelines for enqueuing CSS and JS files to prevent loading libraries more than one time but if the plugin author doesn’t follow the guidelines, the possibility of loading JS  and CSS libraries twice or more exists. 


So the first step is to search your website pages to find out these libraries. For example, plugin A loads font awesome and plugin B loads font awesome too. If you find out these libraries, you can dequeue that library by yourself inside a child theme or code snippets plugin.

Another example is when you are using a plugin that does a specific job for you, like a contact form. You add the contact form inside the contact page. 

Here, if the plugin loads its CSS and JS files on all pages, it will reduce your page speed score and slow down your website for loading the files that are not required.

You can find these assets and dequeue or enqueue them when it’s required.



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